Tom’s coaching has transformed the riding experience for me. My sessions have been structured around various features at Chicksands Bike Park, introducing a level of speed, flow and precision I have not properly grasped in 25 years of mountain biking.

Tom has a deserved reputation for patience: he makes clear observations and adjustments even after witnessing fifteen failed attempts. On attempt sixteen it clicks. His ability to explain the mechanics of bike handling skill and technique is masterful.

Tom Dowie will upgrade your riding more than a 4K wonderbike, 34mm shocks,29″ wheels etc. Simple as that. – Peter Gordon

Tom made my riding noticeably better in a number of ways, either by massively overhauling my technique or by suggesting a number of small refinements in other areas.

I know it’s an often used cliché that you should fork out on a training day rather than spending your hard earned cash on that new part that might shave a thousandth of a second off your time, but quite frankly, the cliché is true.

I was genuinely surprised just how much my riding had changed in one day, full props to Tom Dowie. If he can sort my technique out, you can bet he can sort you out and make you quicker, more stylish and generally better than you were. Tom doesn’t only do 4x training, he can teach you how to improve any aspect of your riding, and you will benefit from a day with him if you’re an absolute newbie or if you’re a seasoned pro” – Dave (Wide Open Magazine).

I’ve been riding for 17 years and in just over 2 hours I learnt so much. It was real game changing stuff . My core skills for jumps and drops were completely overhauled, now I’m faster, more controlled and much better in the air.Tom is an excellent coach. He istechnical, patient and great value as well” – Phil Hallybone.

Tom’s well-known talents as a rider and competitor are complemented by a natural flair for teaching the skills of off-road riding. The lessons are clear and well-structured, with precise but easy to follow demonstrations of technique. He knows just how far to stretch you in each session, so that you leave with the tangible feeling of being a better rider every time. Above all, lessons with Tom are great fun!” – Peter Bronder.

“I have just spent 5 hours under Tom’s tuition trying to improve my riding skills (or lack of). The result is simply amazing! My riding has improved ten fold in half a day!

Tom is a level headed young guy who has a real professional approach to teaching biking techniques. He gives clear and concise instructions which can be followed and put to practice by anyone. 

My only regret is not having splashed the cash earlier! Absolutely worth every penny! If you find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut with your riding, then look no further, invest your time and money with Tom he will take your riding to another level and you will not look back.” – Alexander Legay.


“Tom is an excellent and patient coach. With lessons that build up and redefine how you ride and introduce new techniques, you feel at ease as you aren’t dropped in at the deep end too quickly.

The time I have spent has increased my confidence and overall speed and skill. I would recommend the lessons to anyone who wants to improve on nearly any aspect of mountain biking. A brilliant

spend and good value for money also!” – Gareth