Offering Professional MTB Skills Tuition at Chicksands Bike Park 

Only a few dates left for Chicksands Bike Park in October. Between October & the new year sessions will only be available at Cathkin Brae’s & Peebles until February 2019 when Chicksands dates will begin again. Thank you everyone.



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Tom made my riding noticeably better in a number of ways, either by massively overhauling my technique or by suggesting a number of small refinements in other areas.

I know it’s an often used cliché that you should fork out on a training day rather than spending your hard earned cash on that new part that might shave a thousandth of a second off your time, but quite frankly, the cliché is true.

I was genuinely surprised just how much my riding had changed in one day, full props to Tom Dowie. If he can sort my technique out, you can bet he can sort you out and make you quicker, more stylish and generally better than you were. Tom doesn’t only do 4x training, he can teach you how to improve any aspect of your riding, and you will benefit from a day with him if you’re an absolute newbie or if you’re a seasoned pro” – Dave (Wide Open Magazine).