Jumps and Drops

Every rider can improve on their riding. This course looks at refining the skills and techniques the rider already has, enabling them to push their riding and skills to an even higher level.

Level 1 course includes:

  • Correct body position
  • Pumping
  • Improving speed through jumps (energy management)
  • Techniques on how to go low and high.
  • Jumping different types of jumps.


Level 2 course includes: (all of the above)

  • Basic tricks
  • Bigger jumps and assessment of them.


This course will be run at Chicksands Bike Park or a venue of your choice with sufficient jumps.  This is a 2 hour course.

Cost of this course is £60. Group will be up to 6 people.

To book, email [email protected] or call Tom on 0788 150 3882.