Advanced Skills Course

The advanced skills courses are aimed at confident bike riders who are looking to ride more advanced trails and ride at an advanced level.  This course is more specified to trails such as Dh tracks, technical single tracks, 4x tracks and dirt jumps. The course will expand on the intermediates course by including the following tuition:

  • Advanced line selection
  • Steep technical descents
  • Riding berms
  • Larger drop-offs
  • Technical single track
  • Steep technical climbing
  • Tips to improve speed (energy management)
  • Refining braking techniques

Every rider can improve on there riding no matter the level so the advanced skills course looks at refining the skills and techniques the rider has enabling them to push their riding and skills to and even higher level.

This course will be run at Chicksands Bike Park or a venue of your choice. This is a 4 hour course.

Cost of the Advanced course is £100

You can book a course by emailing [email protected] or calling 0788 150 3882