Here are some of my achievements over the years:


2004 Nps 4x series 1st Juvenile.
2004 National 4x champs 2nd Juvenile.
2005 Nps 4x series 2nd youth.
2006 Nps 4x series 1st youth.
2006 National champs 1st youth.
2006 Nps king of dirt 3rd pro.


2007 Nps 4x series 1st junior.
2007 National champs 1st junior.
2007 UCI world cup champery 62nd.
2007 Chicksands 4x 3rd pro.
2008 Nps 4x rnd 1 5th pro.
2008 UCI 4x world cup schladming 41st.


2009 Nps 4x series 5th pro.
2009 UCI 4x world cup Belgium 21st.
2010 UCI 4x world cup Leogang 12th.
2011 Nps4x series 4th Pro.
2012 Nps4x series 4th Pro
2012 4X Pro Tour 23rd overall.
2013 4X Pro Tour 18th overall.
2013 4X National Champs 2nd.